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How Affiliate marketing changed my life?-A guide for beginners

Making money with affiliate marketing is as simple as ordering a pizza. If someone tells you something like this just get the hell away from them.

Cause this is 2021 dude! Nothing is as easy as it seems. Competition is ever increasing.

But yes, if you stick to my guide until the very end and follow whatever I say, no one…I repeat no one -can stop you from making insane money from affiliate marketing.

What makes me dance with happiness is that finally, I am making a consistent passive income of $30,000 every single month from affiliate marketing.

And today I am going to reveal everything that I had learned in the last 3 years so that you can too implement it and make money while you sleep. This is going to be one of my best giveaways, in this post I will share everything that no super-affiliate wants you to know.

For me, it all started 4 years back when I tried several ways to make money online, but I terribly failed until I came across something called “Affiliate Marketing”.


What is affiliate marketing? What’s so cool about it?

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people’s or company’s products in your own ways, and whenever a sale happens through your unique link you get paid a commission.

Oh! my goodness that sounds so easy. Yes, it is actually easy but only when you learn it the right way.

And you know what’s so cool about it?

Here are a few things that make affiliate marketing the king of make money online world.

  • You do not even need your own product to earn money, just sell other’s products and make money. This not only helps you to learn how to sell online but also prepares you to launch your own blockbuster product.
  • There is unlimited potential if you learn how to sell.
  • You can start your affiliate marketing business for a very low investment.
  • Generally, the risk involved in affiliate marketing is negligible as compared to other business models.

These plus points are so highly overwhelming for a large number of people, that they dedicatedly constitute 90% of people who fail in affiliate marketing.

90% of people fail not because it’s difficult but because of the following 5 reasons.

  • They chase money like a hungry Gorilla and end up choosing the wrong approach. They choose affiliate programs that they do not even know about.
  • Skipping the learning phase has always been a dominant reason for failure in affiliate marketing. It is important to know that the market is overcrowded, and in order to beat the competition, you must have a uniquely powerful approach. In the beginning, when you learn mindfully you will earn bank fully.
  • They frequently switch niches as if they were Tv channels. One after the other.
  • Watch unreal youtube videos, where thousands of fake videos are deceiving people. Titles like “I earned $5000 in just 1 hour” here’s the proof. Such titles perfectly attract scores of folks, with mouth wide-open.
  • They do not test enough.

You need to avoid these mistakes from the start. Believe me it’s very easy to make money as an affiliate. Just learn the process, grow through it, and yes you are there.

One can succeed in affiliate marketing only if he/she provides value to its customers. They are only gonna buy when they trust you and trust is what most people fail to establish. I will teach you how to do that

My article would not be very pleasing as compared to other articles on the internet, because it’s all true in the truest sense. Every line is coming from the depths of my heart. This post is powerpacked with value so please read it till the end, and you will kiss your screen for being able to read something so valuable.

You will learn the entire process an affilliate should go about to make a consistent income in 2021.

So, How do I get started in the Massive world of affiliate marketing?

There are several hundred affiliate programs to start with, but one that still stands at the top is “Clickbank”. With over 2000 products, most of which can be easily promoted.

the Two things that make ClickBank no.1 affiliate marketplace are-

1.The commission percentages are as high as 90%, higher than any other legit network that ever came into existence.

2. Majority of offers are very easy to sell due to their stellar video sales letters.

3. Almost all the products vendors in clickbank provide great affiliate tools such as landing pages, banners, ad copies etc, for absolutely free.

Even I stared with ClickBank, back then I was really very skeptical about affiliate marketing. But I still tried it…

I started promoted a weightloss product, and within 2 days I achieved a sale of 78$ with very little effort. And that was more than enough to make me paralyzed with happiness. On that very day I accepted myself as an “affiliate master”.

I said to myself” If I can crack a sale in 2 days as a mere beginner then becoming a millionaire would not take that much time.”

My first sale came through Facebook’s free traffic. After the sale, I increased my efforts by 200% percent but got no sales even after 2 weeks.

So, now I decided to move to paid advertising I followed some YouTubers created my first ever campaign on Facebook, and got banned the very next day. Thanks to Facebook’s cute little advertising policies, that torment marketers even in sleep.

Wait! Don’t you want to know the perfect blueprint for getting started?

Here it is.

Create a Click bank account(Choosing the right offer)

Create an account on Clickbank, and if in case your country is banned you can use VPN to create your account. You will find several videos on youtube on tips to create an account in just 5 minutes. After creating your account spend some time in Clickbank’s marketplace, and choose your niche.

Now this is really important, 3 things that should be kept in mind before choosing an offer

  1. Choose a product that you would have yourself loved to buy, and make sure that the gravity is above 50. After choosing your offer, start researching it as much as you can. And, yes after that find the niche of your offer and do not change it for at least 2 months.
  2. Do not ever start with a hick-ticket product, start with an offer with about 30-40$ commission.
  3. As a beginner, it is very highly recommended that you choose an offer video sales page, since those kill it when it comes to easy conversion.

Choosing the right way to send traffic to your offer.

You can either promote using free traffic or paid traffic. But to be true investing your time in free traffic has never been a good option. It takes a lot of time and even the results are diffused.

Paid advertising has unlimited potential but it is often very tricky. If not done under proper guidance, one might lose thousands of dollars for nothing like I did.

3 Paid advertising Mistakes that drained a lot of my money

  • Not investing in a paid course-I tried to learn all by myself with the help of the free youtube videos, but that was my biggest mistake in paid advertising. In order to save a little money I never purchased a course, as a result, I lost around 5000$ in advertising in the beginning.
  • Not giving value to people- I just wanted to make money, so I tried every possible way of selling things. But trust me people are very smart out there, they never buy from you if you fail to establish trust.
  • Frequently changing niche-There are so many offers on Clickbank that usually a lot of people get confused as to which offer to choose. This leads to a lot of heavy falls in profitability. In the beginning, just stick to one product of your choice.

So, these were my mistakes that almost every newbie makes in affiliate marketing. But sometimes it’s just better to learn from others’ mistakes because one cannot afford to make all the mistakes himself.

The one mistake that largely affected my success rate was not investing in a paid course, because of which I struggled to make a consistent income for almost a year.

Never make such a mistake. One of the best courses every beginner should invest in is the “12 Minute Affiliate System”. This program helped me a lot in the journey and moreover, it is affordable for newbies and also comes with a Money-Back-Guarantee.

ITo be true affilaite marketing is the really the most

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