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Know the exact difference between a website, webpage,

Ever wondered what’s the difference between a website and a webpage. A lot of people new to the online world consider both of these terms to be similar and often use them interchangeably. But this is greatly misleading since both these terms are completely different from each other. Both of these terms are so widely used in the world of the internet that it becomes very necessary to know the real difference between the two.

Even if you have a problem understanding these 2 beautiful terms, then don’t worry at all, because within a matter of a few minutes you will know the exact difference between a website and a webpage.

Let’s know these terms one by one,

What is a webpage?

You might have heard people saying about the Home page and the Contact us page. And you already know that these 2 things are a part of the websites. Well if yes, then you already know it.

The webpage can be explained as the independent part of the website. A single website might constitute several webpages with unique URL addresses. Every webpage can be accessed using only one unique URL of its own. Webpages generally contain the information on the website of which it is a part. They are simple and are created using different programming languages. Every website that we see on the internet constitutes of webpages with a proper site map and friendly user interface, as this helps in SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Some of the examples of webpages could be, the contact us page, ABOUT US page, and a testimonials page.

Still confused? Just keep reading here’s the answer.

Key points

  • A single website is made up of multiple webpages.
  • Every single webpage of the website is made up of different URLs, that can be used in a browser for accessing the webpage.
  • It is easy to develop a webpage as compared to a website.

So, What is a website?

A website is nothing but a group of several webpages that are linked together using hyperlinks. Different webpages in a website can have different names but a website has only one domain name.

The webpages of the same website have the same domain name address in URLs. Just take for an example, the domain of this website is learnbuster.com. So, now learnbuster.com has got so many diffrent webpages that start with learnbuster.com and end with the name of the webpage. For example.

  • www.learnbuster.com/contact us
  • www.learnbuster.com/about us
  • www.learnbuster.com/reviews

Key points

  • A website is a collection of different webpages.
  • The name of a website cannot be changed
  • Developing a website is a more complex process as compared to the creation of web pages.
  • A single website could accommodate a large number of webpages.

Key Differences between a website and a webpage?

  • The name of a webpage can be easily changed unlike the name of the website which is the permanent domain name.
  • One major difference between webpages and website is that a search engine indexes webpages and not websites.
  • A webpage is a smaller sub-unit of a website.

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