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Wix vs Godaddy- Know the real winner

When it comes to choosing the best website builder-two names rule the mind. Godaddy or Wix what would be a better choice? Even I used to get baffled between the two when I first entered the online world back in 2012.

I have been using both of them for the last 7 years and I’ve had a seamless experience with both platforms. Wix is the greatest website builder of all time, whereas Godaddy has its perks as well.

But Who among the two is better?

Based on our research and experience Wix is the best website builder in the market right now. It has got fabulous editing tools, designing tools, SEO tools with an abundant app store.

But that doesn’t make Godaddy any less legendary. Godaddy is the world’s largest marketplace for buying a domain and web hosting. It also has its own website builder as well but due to lack of features, people prefer to go for Wix.

Godaddy is generally easier to use because of its reduced features. But one thing that surely takes Wix a step ahead of every other competitor is its fantastic features and its free trial offer.

So, it’s clear from the above lines that there is no real competition between the two Giants because both of them are blockbusters in different areas.

Therefore your question should be,

What should I choose-Godaddy or Wix?

It totally depends upon the following 10 reasons. Just go through them all and you will completely know the one that would perfectly feed your need. These 10 main points will clearly produce the real difference between Wix and Godaddy.


Wix being more flexible grabs the title for ease of use.

Both giants help people build websites with zero technical knowledge. BUT when it comes to ease of use, then Wix becomes the clear winner. If you are creating a website for the first time, then just for Wix.

WIX has a flawless drag and drops feature, which easily allows anyone to just drag and drop any element within your site. You have complete control over what your site must look like. In addition to this, it offers over 100 different fonts for your content. Apart from this Wix also allows you to easily add animations, media galleries, special effects, and even the host videos on its platform. Now, this is damn so cool.

Wix is a more developed website builder than Godaddy, its remarkable AI-powered design engine can easily generate a great website based on just your answers to certain questions. Moreover, Wix comes with powerful in-built features like analytics, email marketing, social tools, login features, and much more. Building a website with Wix is as easy as dragging and dropping things.


Wix beats Godaddy in sevaral ways in customization and even in Designing

If you want to build a better looking and eye catching website, then you must go for Wix. As already mentioned above Wix’s drag and drop feature makes it a clear winner in terms of customization.

Apart from that Wix comes with over 500 templates to choose from. You can easily select one of the templates based on your industry type and preview and test it.

Wix has a massive App Store, with over 250+ powerful web apps that help you easily integrate your site. These apps help you in numerous ways like, creating tables, real estate bookings, Google sheet integration, integrating with other websites and softwares, etc.

Wix has more features than Godaddy- Wix’s excellent features helps add a lot more functionality to a website as compared to Godaddy.

Godaddy does not have so many great apps, and it’s core feature lacks a quality like Wix. iT’S highly simple when it comes to designing and customization.

Moreover, GoDaddy has just 23 themes in all with just 100 templates, which greatly limits anyone from building the website of his/her choice.

3. Customer Support

Both Giants are equally good in terms of great customer service

When one starts for the first on any platform good assistance is a must. Both Godadyy and Wix have great support system that is slightly different from each other.

Godaddy customer support

  • Godaddy has a huge customer forum that usually covers almost all the questions. It also has a community forum where you can even ask questions.
  • It also has 24/7 active English speaking customer support. Speaking support gives rise to a seamless experience, as you can get rid of any query at any time, from any corner of the world.

Wix customer support

  • Even Wix has a massive database of all common issues and questions.
  • You can contact Wix through Email, and they reply much faster.
  • It also offers speaking customer support but you cannot access it all the time.
  • If you are a VIP member your requests or questions are given more preference.

So, both platforms equally offer seamless customer support. But if you were to choose one, then even in terms of customer support Godaddy has proved itself to be more active.

4. Blogging

Wix’s well-developed Blogging system greatly defeats GoDaddy’s limited features.

Wix’s blogging app is far more specialized than Godaddy’s app. It lets you get more tags, easily format, and you can do a lot more with the layout in Wix.

On the other hand, Godaddy’s blogging app limits you in many ways.

5. Pricing

Godaddy is slightly cheaper than Wix

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